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Complete Termite Extermination in Carson, CA

When you are looking for affordable termite extermination in Carson, CA, turn to the professionals at our company. The Termite Doctor is ready to fill out the final prescription for your home’s infestation. Our licensed exterminators bring over 10 years’ experience to the job of eliminating termites and other pests. Call today to receive your free estimate.

Termites can be tricky to get rid of. And of course, they are a real threat to interior and exterior wood. If you notice the following signs of termites at your home or office, reach out to us right away:

·         Frass, or Termite Droppings

·         Tunnels in Wood

·         Tighter-Fitting Doors and Windows

·         Tapping Sound inside Walls

·         Papery, Hollow-Sounding Timber

·         Discarded Termite Wings

Rely on Our Termite Extermination Specialists

Termites are often mistaken for ants. However, if you see an insect that looks like an ant but is lighter, more translucent, and straighter than an ant, it’s important that you call us for an inspection. Our team will get to work quickly to resolve the problem before you’re left with even more expensive damages to the structure of your home or office. Our safe, efficient treatments are the termite solution you can count on.

You don’t have to share your home with harmful termites. We treat your home or workplace for all types of termites, including dry wood and subterranean. First, we thoroughly inspect your attic, exterior, interior, crawl space, and other areas for the above-listed signs of termite infestation. Next, we fumigate your space or use a direct dry wood liquid treatment. Our fumigation treatment doesn’t leave any chemicals behind and only takes three days to complete. In addition, our direct dry wood liquid treatment doesn’t require your family and pets to leave the home.

Call us today to schedule your termite inspection. Don’t forget to ask about our two-year warranty.

Superior Service from Termite Experts

When you call us, you can count on a highly effective termite treatment that gets the job done the first time. We use advanced products and techniques that are proven to work. Termites, wood-boring beetles, and other pests can cause substantial damages to homes and offices. That’s why we take the problem seriously. With us, you can rest assured that an experienced team of termite experts is taking care of your infestation. Don’t hesitate to call us and let us know about your termite problem. We’re here to respond with our comprehensive and courteous service.

Contact us to request our residential or commercial termite treatment services. We proudly serve customers in the Carson, California, area.